It’s the little things

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying many times before. That it’s the little things in life that make you happy. Frankly, it is, it is the little things.

Most people expect that the big picture that a big event only can make them happy. Anything can boost your mood. For example, when I’m happy, I like to boost it by putting in some slippery socks, turning on Honeybee by The Head and Heart and sliding around and dancing to the song. It may seem a bit weird, but it’s just a small thing that keeps me happy.

What makes you happy? Is it music, music tends to set the mood for most people. It’s amazing what songs can do for you. Maybe you just like seeing your pet in the morning, as their happiness reflects back on to you.

Sometimes, life hits hard, and it hurts. I understand, but the pain needs not to last. The human mind can overcome anything, it’ll only keep hurting you if you let it. Don’t expect that some huge event will come and save you. Look for the little things, the strangers that smile at you when you pass them, the sun rising to greet you every day, the moon making sure you’re not alone in the dark every night.

Stop looking at the few negative things in your life and look at all the little positives. It’s human nature to dwell on what went wrong throughout your day, but don’t let this ever get you down. Right now, sit back and think of everything that went right today, let me start you off, you woke up, that’s one, what else is there.

Next time you have any free time, turn on your favorite song, get comfy and dance like no one is watching. It’s surprisingly not hard to be happy. Society may want to object to that but it’s true. It’s not hard to be happy.

Smile more and stay safe.

Finding Peace


You know peace is a hard thing to come by in life. With everything always being so chaotic it’s hard to focus on the simple things in life. I think with coronavirus going on, everyone needs to take some time to find their peace.

Peace is different for everyone, some people like silence and some people like music and many other different things. The idea however, is that same, to put your mind at ease. To rest mentally. Even when you are just relaxing physically your mind could be racing with thoughts, it’s amazing what peace can do to calm you. Sometimes all you need is a deep breath. Take one now, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do you feel at ease?

If so that’s amazing, if not don’t worry. One breath won’t do much but repetition will help a lot. Resting your mind is an important factor to your success. It helps you exhale all your problems and see things from a new perspective.

There are many ways to do this, my personal favorite way to find my peace is to dim the lights in my room or have it dark, I’d place in earbuds and elevate my head and I would listen to slow relaxing music. I would just focus on the lyrics, I wouldn’t think what they mean or think of what the next word was I would just acknowledge them. It may seem weird but it helps me get my mind straight.

Mediation is also an amazing way, there are many apps out there that can guide you, my choice would be headspace and I only have the free version. What I’m trying to say is, finding peace shouldn’t have to cost you any money. Infact I will have a small mediation you can read at the bottom of this blog.

Whatever way you try to find your peace, follow it through. Trust me, even if you can’t keep your mind from thinking, follow it through. Time will pass, it is only temporary but peace will stay with you forever.

Here’s a meditation I wrote if you want to use it:

Link to Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWZd79rJ6a7lp?si=0uUgQ9yTQnKV_SNT1QJJeA

Start by closing your room door and either dimming the lights or turning them off then play the sleep playlist on Spotify in a speaker preferably but it does not matter. Now lay back in your bed and lie on your back. Make sure you are comfortable and just stare up at the ceiling relaxed. Whether you close your eyes or not it does not matter, but imagine you are in a place of nature, whether it’s a local trail or some hiking you might have done, imagine you are walking thru the woods in a sunny day, all the sounds are replaced with music. As you listen to the music think of someone who means something to you whether they are here on earth or resting in heaven or whether they are family or friend, it does not matter. But pick someone who means something to you, someone who makes you happy to be around, and someone who understands you for you. And don’t tell anyone who this is, leave that with you. Let that person enter with you when you are relaxed in your walk. But remember there are no sounds, you can look at your friend and smile and you can also laugh but there is no talking the sounds are the music, along with laughing. Now walk along this path with your special someone and recreate a dream of yours, add anything that u think will make it more special. And as your walk carries on just smile, and as time carries on shift from nature to memories with that person. Do not try and think of anything, let the memories come to u. Just let them come without talking just music, laughs and smiles, use this as a reminder of peace. Open your eyes in your own time, but before you do, remind yourself that bad times come and go but the good stuff the good people, they are always there with you.

What is Motivation?

In this article you will learn what motivation means to you and how to tailor it to your advantage.

Well, the Oxford dictionary states that motivation is “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.” However, I don’t believe motivation even has a definition and I’ll explain why throughout this article. You see I believe motivation is a feeling that engulfs your mind, reminding you of your strengths. In simplified terms, it’s a future you sitting in your mind telling you what you are capable of. That’s my definition, but then my friend says that motivation is “something thats gives you a reason to make yourself better.” Another definition I heard was, “Motivation is something that drives you to better yourself for the future.”

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because as you’ll learn, you create your own definition. Whether you know what it is or don’t, you have one.

First let’s get a rundown on Motivation.

Motivation, it’s such a simple word, one we have heard countless many times in our lives. Have we ever used it in our lives? Do you refuse the chance to use that inner strength?

Frankly, yes, some of us do refuse that chance, but not because we want to, but because we don’t realize what it is. When you’re told to stop because you’re not good enough, you don’t have the potential. What do you do? You don’t actually stop do you? If you don’t then you are on the right track to success, but if you do actually stop, then remind yourself today how badly you want it. I heard an amazing quote in the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” If you’ve never seen this movie before, I suggest you do, it’s got a lot of lessons to teach you. What this quote said was, “You got a dream you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves they tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it, period.”

You see what I mean, people turn down this motivation in their lives just because someone else told them to, they don’t know you as well as you know you! Don’t let them stop you. These kind of people, weirdly enough are perfect motivation. Hear me out, don’t you love proving people wrong? I mean imagine someone telling you that you’re not enough, then you become better than they ever were. How? By driving and motivating yourself.

Now don’t turn down your chance because you think you have nothing to motivate you. You have plenty of reasons to be motivated. Don’t think you don’t have anything because you don’t have a girlfriend or wife, a boyfriend or husband,” many people think that motivation is doing it for someone to impress them. If you’re just trying to impress someone then yeah you take that path. It’s really simple to find out what motivates you. Just ask yourself, “Why?” Why do you want this? Maybe it’s your childhood dream, maybe you want to prove someone wrong. Maybe you just want to be better. Your motivation doesn’t have to be someone, it can be your goal, your destination. What motivates you to be rich? Well I’d say the money, or the journey, or the skills you learn along the way.

Now, I don’t know what your definition of motivation is, but does it matter? Everyone’s is different. Your definition is based on your goal, your journey, your destination. Now go find that motivation and use it as the key through the doorway of life and open youd door to the path of success. Stop gazing through the keyhole.

Quarantine Motivation

How to stay motivated during quarantine.

Let’s start simple, hobbies, everyone’s got one. Of course, there are many things you have to get done during the day, but what do you do after? Do you sit down and watch TV and complain about how bored you are? Or do you get up and do something. This is a better time than ever to advance in your hobbies or to create new ones. Do you wanna juggle? Well you’ve got plenty of time to learn, so go ahead.

Covid-19 has ruined just about everyone’s life so far, but are you going to let it take control? You see, for me I was looking forward to my track season so much, I had waited all year to finally be able to step on a track and race a mile. However that opportunity is gone and a new one has risen. I’ve always been afraid of how to workout because I never wanted it to interfere with running. It always held me back from getting stronger. So I’ve been using this time, this opportunity to truly workout and advance myself. Now I don’t have some fancy gym at home. There are many ways to move forward without the outside world. If you really try, you will see all the opportunities life is putting on the table during this time.

Covid has been a huge setback, a major one, something no one ever thought they would experience. Yet here it is and it’s happening so there’s no time to stop and complain because we all know it won’t do anything. It all depends on how you look at it, what kind of setback is this?

Slingshot. It’s a slingshot, this setback is a pullback. The question is, how far are you going to pull it? Will you pull back loosely so that once this is over you just resume normal life? Or, do you keep pulling till you can’t pull no more? Who do you want to be?

Once this is over how far are you gonna fly? It’s as simple as this, pull back and aim but if you aim low the pebbles are not going to go too far no matter how hard you pull it. Pull back and aim. Keep working and don’t give up, if you need a sign, I don’t think it can be any more obvious than this. Then aim, what’s your goal, how bad do you want it, it’s important to always know what you are working towards.

The world thinks it’s being controlled by the virus, prove them wrong.

Are you ready?

About The Writer

My name is Connor Smith. I’m currently a student. I have many dreams just like all people do. I wish to go into the army after college and serve my country. I also wish to join The USACE, formally know as the United States Army Corps of Engineers. I’ve always fancied the life of a civil engineer.

I’ve always been interested in this idea of motivation. The fact that a simple thought can alter ones actions. I have written many little motivation speeches that I keep. Most of which I hope to share with you in the future.

My first encounter with such motivation was when I heard a speech by Earl Nightingale. Where he went on and taught the ideas of success. One thing that he emphasized was the key to success. He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” What he said this meant was the daily knowledge of knowing your goal and taking steps towards it everyday, always having faith in it, leading you towards success. This is the link to the video where I heard said speech: https://youtu.be/EFhkdzj-x80

This jump started my focus on motivation. I have heard many speeches and ideas. Motivation is something in life that never goes away and its importance is always emphasized on while living.

Contacting me: If you ever want me to address an idea or an event feel free to email me and I will work to put it in a future blog. You can also email me if you want to talk about something going on in your life. However please don’t email me for anything you could simply say in the comment section.